Hi Peng,

In theory the existing VMM should work directly on the multi-core seL4 without any changes if you just want everything running on one core. I say 'in theory' because the API is not confirmed yet, but in our experimental version the API is backwards compatible (although I haven't tried the VMM on it). If the API does change I would expect the changes required to get the VMM to work would be extremely trivial.


On Thu 14-Apr-2016 7:24 AM, PX wrote:
Dear all,
I have some questions about building VMM on top of seL4. I know there is a sel4-based VMM on github (https://github.com/smaccm/sel4arm-vmm-manifest). Gernot also told me that this version of VMM does not support multi core. My questions are: 
1) Can this single core version of VMM be run on top of multi-core sel4 just using one core without modification?  
2) If not, what supports are missed in the multi-core version of sel4? I assume single-core version applications should be compatible with multi-core micro kernel
3) If my assumption is wrong, what do we (as VMM developer) need to add to the VMM code to make it workable on the multi-core seL4?


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