Hi Experts,

We are trying to port sel4 to Shakti FPGA. It is similar to Rocket FPGA. The memory footprint is 256 mb [0x80000000 - 0x8fffffff]. Shakti support -march=imafd. A single core 64 bit design.

The run in FPGA stops at "memcpy((char *)dest_vaddr + phys_virt_offset, (char *)elf + data_offset, data_size);" called in the function "unpack_elf_to_paddr()". Earlier it stopped just at the memset (one line above). I manually commented out memset part and made it to run till memcpy. So I doubt it has something to do with wrong memory access. can someone please explain me the above said function (blue color) ? what could be reasons for memcpy to hung ?

Can someone please guide me to the area in code where memory related interrupts are coded ?

We have the latest upstream of SEL4 (Aug 10). It has the dornerworks upstream changes. We are trying to load at 0x88000000. The image works well in spike simulation.

Commands to build:

../init-build.sh -DPLATFORM=spike -DKernelPlatformSpikeRocketChip=ON -DSIMULATION=FALSE -DRISCV64=TRUE

Snapshot of the run in FPGA:

  #address-cells = <0x00000002>;
  #size-cells = <0x00000002>;
  compatible = "shakti,spike-bare-dev";
  model = "shakti,spike-bare";
  cpus {
    #address-cells = <0x00000001>;
    #size-cells = <0x00000000>;
    timebase-frequency = <0x00989680>;
    cpu@0 {
      device_type = "cpu";
      reg = <0x00000000>;
      status = "okay";
      compatible = "riscv";
      riscv,isa = "rv64imafd";
      mmu-type = "riscv,sv39";
      clock-frequency = <0x3b9aca00>;
      interrupt-controller {
        #interrupt-cells = <0x00000001>;
        compatible = "riscv,cpu-intc";
        linux,phandle = <0x00000001>;
        phandle = <0x00000001>;
  memory@80000000 {
    device_type = "memory";
    reg = <0x00000000 0x80000000 0x00000000 0x10000000>;
  soc {
    #address-cells = <0x00000002>;
    #size-cells = <0x00000002>;
    compatible = "shakti,spike-bare-soc", "simple-bus";
  uart {
    compatible = "shakti,uart0";
    reg = <0x00000000 0x00011200 0x00000000 0x00001000>;
  htif {
    compatible = "ucb,htif0";
ELF-loader started on
elf check file returned 1
elf check file returned 1
ELF-loading image 'kernel'
configured page table levels = 3......
elf check file returned 1
image size 2b350
(char *)dest_vaddr + phys_virt_offset = ffffffff88000000 
phys_virt_offset = 8000000  
(char *)elf + data_offset, = ffffffff8020f854
started memcpy ------------------------------------------------------------> Hangs