Hello Alex and thank you.

You assumption is correct, I am on a non-supported platform (the Trenz ZynqBerry). So probably some tweaks will be needed.
Do you suspect that I will need to make these changes in the sel4 code or will finding and changing some configuration file be enough?
First, of course, I need to figure out what the important differences between the ZC706 and the ZynqBerry are.

I was using the release build but now switched to debug and tried that as well. That did not produce any additional output.
So that UART configuration changes are needed sound very likely. 

Thanks again and have a great day

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 12:18 AM, <Alexander.Kroh@data61.csiro.au> wrote:
Hi Joel,

Which Zynq-7000 platform are you using?
The supported platform is the ZC706. Other platforms might need some
trivial changes, particularly for UART baudrate configuration.

Are you using the debug or release config?
The debug build should show additional messages during boot.

 - Alex

On Thu, 2017-11-09 at 13:35 +0100, Joel Svensson wrote:
> Hello, 
> I want to learn about seL4 so I am trying to get is started on the
> hardware I already have (a zynq 7000). 
> I have generated the image: sel4test-driver-image-arm-zynq7000
> Now I try to load that onto the zynq by executing these commands in
> XMD:
> connect arm hw 
> rst
> fpga -f design_1_wrapper.bit
> source ps7_init.tcl
> ps7_init
> ps7_post_config
> dow sel4test-driver-image-arm-zynq7000
> run 
> All of the above seem to be successful. Then, I have a serial link
> hooked up to the board (uart)
> and there I get the following output (screen /dev/ttyUSB1 115200) : 
> ELF-loader started on CPU: ARM Ltd. Cortex-A9 r3p0
>   paddr=[10000000..103c881f]
> ELF-loading image 'kernel'
>   paddr=[0..2afff]
>   vaddr=[e0000000..e002afff]
>   virt_entry=e0000000
> But then nothing more. I am lost what to do from this position in
> order to continue exploring seL4. 
> I don't even know if what I see is an indication of a problem or
> not. 
> If anyone has experience in running seL4 on zynq and if you sit on
> knowledge you want to share, 
> please fill me in. 
> Thank you
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