I am using the i.mx6 to test a networking example that function in QEMU. To load the application, I am using the u-boot that comes pre-compiled on the micro-sd. I am able to dhcp to my tftpserver and grab the seL4 image, and when I run the “go 20000000” command, I get the following:


## Starting application at 0x20000000 ...

AP Kernel returned back to the elf-loader.

abort() called.


Looking through the code, that error is in non_boot_main, yet that function call is wrapped by




Which is undefined. That makes me think that the main() in boot.c is not being accessed and the elfloader isn’t being run properly.


Is this a u-boot issue, or is it that way I have everything setup? Is it a requirement to use the pre-compiled u-boot binary for the i.mx6?



Chris Guikema