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The map is failing as the user image frames are already mapped in. To map a frame again without unmapping the original frame you need to make a copy of the capability and map that in instead. A single frame cap can only be mapped in once.


On 6/07/2016 9:11 AM, Norrathep Rattanavipanon wrote:

I need to access the user image from a user application for verifying that the binary is installed correctly.

So I found in bootinfo.h that it contains userImageFrames and its supposed to be the one I'm looking for but it gave me an error when I map the frames via vspace_map_pages(vspace, info->userImageFrames.start, ...) at the root task.

The error is :
ERROR:sel4utils_map_page_pd:223: Error mapping pages, bailing: 2

What am I doing wrong here?


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