Hi Yun,

There currently aren't any cortex-a35 platforms ported to seL4.  There aren't any design limitations for this, so a GICv2 quad cortex-a35 platform shouldn't be too difficult to add support for.
With regards to overall system delay lower than 3ms, this is going to depend on what other user level components you use to build your system.  Costs for performing inter-process communication and context switching are measured in orders of hundreds (or thousands) of cycles, but the overall cost for processing audio in a system will depend on how the final system is architected.

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Dear sel4 Experts
  How are you
 I found some information about sel4, and sel4 is great microkernel OS, i want port sel4 to RK3308(quad cortex-a35, GICv2) for real time audio signal processing. Form the Tutorials I found sel4 just support cortex-a53, I would like to ask does sel4 support cortex-a35 SMP mode. and because our application is real time audio processing so system delay must lower than 3ms and hard real-time determinism. 
Will sel4 support real-time signal processing?
Looking forward to your reply

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