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发件人: Yun Zhou <shiny725829@gmail.com>
Date: 2019年10月25日周五 下午9:52
Subject: port sel4 to RK3308(quad cortex-a35)
To: <devel-owner@sel4.systems>

Dear sel4 Experts
  How are you
 I found some information about sel4, and sel4 is great microkernel OS, i want port sel4 to RK3308(quad cortex-a35, GICv2) for real time audio signal processing. Form the Tutorials I found sel4 just support cortex-a53, I would like to ask does sel4 support cortex-a35 SMP mode. and because our application is real time audio processing so system delay must lower than 3ms and hard real-time determinism. 
Will sel4 support real-time signal processing?
Looking forward to your reply

Thanks &Kind regards