Hi Oak,

For an accurate timer at user level you can use the gpt driver here : https://github.com/seL4/seL4_libs/blob/master/libsel4platsupport/src/mach/imx/gpt.c

Note that a while ago we combined a lot of our library repos, so libsel4platsupport is not part of the larger seL4_libs. The stand alone version is no longer updated.


On 29/06/2016 1:39 pm, Norrathep Rattanavipanon wrote:
Thanks Anna. 

We are looking for a way to get timestamp (wall clock) that can be used in the userland for authenticating an incoming message from remote server. 

I see that the real-time clock driver is not implemented yet but an accurate timer would do the job too.

So any recommendation on which timer implementation to use?
Would this one work? https://github.com/seL4/libsel4platsupport/blob/master/src/mach/imx/timer.c


On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Norrathep Rattanavipanon <nrattana@uci.edu> wrote:

I was wondering if there's any real time clock implementation for I.MX6 in sel4.

And if there isnt any, what would be the best way to use a timer in sel4 (since I saw many implementations of those)?
through sel4platsupport_get_default_timer?


Norrathep (Oak) Rattanavipanon
M.S. in Computer Science
University of California - Irvine

Norrathep (Oak) Rattanavipanon
M.S. in Computer Science
University of California - Irvine

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