As Kev wrote, we’re exploring rump kernels which are related, but I think it’s more a question whether the unikernel supports seL4 and not the other way around.

seL4 is certainly powerful and general enough to run any such configuration, but the unikernel might be making assumptions about the hypervisor layer, i.e. it might expect a specific one.


On 13 Jun 2016, at 18:59, Kevin Elphinstone <> wrote:

We're currently exploring rump kernels (student project), with preliminary results due around November.

- Kevin
PS. Excuse the brevity, sent from phone.

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According to, Unikernels are specialised, single address space
machine images constructed by using library operating systems. A developer
selects, from a modular stack, the minimal set of libraries which correspond
to the OS constructs required for their application to run. These libraries
are then compiled with the application and configuration code to build
sealed, fixed-purpose images (unikernels) which run directly on a hypervisor
or hardware without an intervening OS such as Linux or Windows.

Will seL4 support any unikernel, such as Drawbridge or MirageOS, in the

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