I could use a clue as to the cause of this problem.

The program has its free slots start index set correctly.

It is trying to allocate a dma buffer. (4k with a known physical address).

The vspace has been properly set up and knows the phys addresses of its free memory.

This used to work fine in a different process, but I can’t find anything I’ve done

different/wrong in this one…


I’ve added some extra printfs, and some debug code (in kernel/src/object/untyped.c).

    /* Ensure that the destination slots are all empty. */

    slots.cnode = CTE_PTR(cap_cnode_cap_get_capCNodePtr(nodeCap));

    slots.offset = nodeOffset;

    slots.length = nodeWindow;

    for (i = nodeOffset; i < nodeOffset + nodeWindow; i++) {

        status = ensureEmptySlot(slots.cnode + i);

        if (status != EXCEPTION_NONE) {

            userError("Untyped Retype: Slot #%d from %p in destination window non-empty.", (int)i, (void *)slots.cnode);

            userError("Untyped Retype: At offset #%d length %d.", (int)nodeOffset, (int)nodeWindow);

            int j = 0;


                status = ensureEmptySlot(slots.cnode + (i + j));

                if (status == EXCEPTION_NONE) {

                    userError("Next Free Slot at #%d from %p.", (int)(i+j), (void *)slots.cnode);

                    status = EXCEPTION_SYSCALL_ERROR;




            return status;





And finally, here is the output from the console:


<<seL4(CPU 0) [decodeCNodeInvocation/94 T0xffffff8001a25400 "Lockmaproc" @4196e8]: CNode Copy/Mint/Move/Mutate: Destination not empty.>>

<<seL4(CPU 0) [decodeUntypedInvocation/166 T0xffffff8001a25400 "Lockmaproc" @420f2c]: Untyped Retype: Slot #196 from 0xffffff807f000000 in destination window non-empty.>>

<<seL4(CPU 0) [decodeUntypedInvocation/167 T0xffffff8001a25400 "Lockmaproc" @420f2c]: Untyped Retype: At offset #196 length 1.>>

<<seL4(CPU 0) [decodeUntypedInvocation/172 T0xffffff8001a25400 "Lockmaproc" @420f2c]: Next Free Slot at #197 from 0xffffff807f000000.>>

_refill_pool@split.c:187 Failed to retype untyped, error 8

vka_alloc_object_at_maybe_dev@object.h:59 Failed to allocate object of size 4096, error 1

dma_alloc@page_dma.c:92 Failed to allocate untyped of size 12


I need a hint… help?








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