Hello, I am a student of the Hanseo University in Korea.

I want to create a UAV(drone) that uses Odroid XU4

Odroid XU4's Detailed Specifications = http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G143452239825

I want to install seL4 on the board for the security of the drones.

The board has “ubuntu-15.04-robotics-odroid-xu4-201” 32bit linux version.


I have two questions.



I understood that after installing the seL4 first, and installing the linux later after seeing the 1.jpg.

However, in the “https://wiki.sel4.systems/Getting%20started”.

“Setting up your machine - These instructions are for Ubuntu. They assume you already know the basics of using the command line, compilers and GNU Make.”

So then, Should I install the Linux(ubuntu) first, and install the seL4 later?

I wonder what is correct. and I need more detailed explanation.



An error occurred during install the seL4 like 2.jpg.

(command = "make menuconfig" in "Build ia32" part.)

I need a solution about the error.


Please answer my two questions.