I am porting SEL4 on RISCV FPGA. I am stuck midway in the kernel elf loader.

The function stuck is memcpy. I have added prints and I am not progressing after the last memcpy call in unpack_elf_to_paddr(). All kinds of input appreciated.

Function under review:
static void unpack_elf_to_paddr(void *elf, paddr_t dest_paddr)

        /* Parse size/length headers. */
        dest_vaddr = elf_getProgramHeaderVaddr(elf, i);
        data_size = elf_getProgramHeaderFileSize(elf, i);
        data_offset = elf_getProgramHeaderOffset(elf, i);

        /* Load data into memory. */

        memcpy((char *)dest_vaddr + phys_virt_offset,
               (char *)elf + data_offset, data_size);
printf("loaded data into memory \n");                 -----> Stuck Here !


Can anyone give me a clue on whatsoever to check here ? It worked perfectly in spike simulation.

RISCV FPGA configuration - It supports IMAFD. It has already booted linux. Kernel is loaded at physical address 80 million.