I am trying to cross-compile sel4 for rasperry-pi-3.
i am executing following command on sel4 kernel source to cross-compile.

TOOLPREFIX=arm-linux-gnueabi- ARCH=arm PLAT=bcm2837 ARMV=armv8-a CPU=cortex-a53

i am getting following error while doing make

[BF_GEN] arch/object/structures_gen.h
 [BF_GEN] plat/machine/hardware_gen.h
 [BF_GEN] 32/mode/api/shared_types_gen.h
 [CPP] src/arch/arm/armv/armv8-a/32/machine_asm.s_pp
In file included from src/arch/arm/armv/armv8-a/32/machine_asm.S:11:0:
./include/config.h:17:22: fatal error: autoconf.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [src/arch/arm/armv/armv8-a/32/machine_asm.s_pp] Error 1
rm 32/mode/api/shared_types_gen.h plat/machine/hardware_gen.h arch/object/structures_gen.h

is there any solution for this...