Hi Chris,

That's strange, the build system definitely should not hang. 

However I need more information to help at all.  Which OS version are you using (host and seL4)? Which gcc version and cmake version? Is there any output from the init-build script at all? Also, have you used a clean build directory after the initial failure?



From: Devel <devel-bounces@sel4.systems> on behalf of Chris Rothrock <cgrothrock@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, 16 August 2018 3:16 AM
To: devel@sel4.systems
Subject: [seL4] Demo build
Most of my experience with the seL5 microkernel has been through the Genode framework, but now I am attempting to build the demo test of seL4 without Genode using the instructions on the "Getting Started" page of seL4.systems but this seems to not be working for me.  I have the latest version of repo, ninja and CMake (originally, I was given an error that I needed 3.9.x so I upgraded CMake manually).  When I get to the instruction of "../init-build.sh -DPLATFORM=x86_64 -DSIMULATION=TRUE" demo build, the script only hangs.  Nothing gets built and no demo is run.  Is there something missing that I should be doing?



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