Thank you for you reply Anna.Lyons . I read the url what you update, When I compile the ninja, 
it output a error: 
../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/src/string.c:97:29: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before 'dest'
 void *memcpy(void *restrict dest, const void *restrict src, size_t n)
Since the restrict keyword was introduced in c99, so we have to add flags -std=gnu99, to compile
this code.
When I add this flags to compile of, it works well.
How could I push this fix to mainline?

<> 于2018年8月3日周五 上午7:16写道:


Sorry, the docs at​ are completely out of date. I'll look into getting them removed.

The second set of docs (​ are correct. I just reproduced building correctly on my machine. 

Can you please reply with the results of the command 'repo manifest'  so I can check the revisions of the code you are working with? It could also be a dependency issue - if you try building the example using our docker image (, does it work?  



From: Devel <> on behalf of talos <>
Sent: Thursday, 2 August 2018 10:53 PM
To: devel
Subject: [seL4] camkes-project error
When I followed this tutorial:
The error is:

/home/talos/camkes-project/build/arm/imx31/simple/src/echo/generated/camkes.o: In function `post_main':
/home/talos/camkes-project/build/arm/imx31/simple/src/echo/generated/camkes.c:601: undefined reference to `component_control_main'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
/home/talos/camkes-project/build/arm/imx31/simple/ recipe for target 'echo.instance.bin' failed
make[1]: *** [echo.instance.bin] Error 1
tools/common/ recipe for target 'simple' failed
make: *** [simple] Error 2

But when I followed this tutorial:
the error is:
[230/232] Building C object elfloader-tool/CMakeFiles/elfloader.dir/src/string.c.obj
FAILED: /usr/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc --sysroot=/home/talos/camkes-project/build -DHAVE_AUTOCONF -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include/plat/imx6 -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include/arch-arm -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include/arch-arm/32 -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include/arch-arm/armv/armv7-a -I../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/include/arch-arm/armv/armv7-a/32 -Iautoconf -Ikernel/gen_config -Ielfloader-tool/gen_config -Ilibsel4/gen_config -Iprojects/camkes/gen_config -Iprojects/capdl/capdl-loader-app/gen_config -Iprojects/rumprun/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4vka/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4utils/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4platsupport/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4serialserver/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4debug/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4test/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4muslcsys/gen_config -Iprojects/seL4_libs/libsel4vmm/gen_config -Iprojects/util_libs/libutils/gen_config -Iprojects/util_libs/libplatsupport/gen_config -Iprojects/util_libs/libethdrivers/gen_config -I../projects/util_libs/libcpio/include -march=armv7-a -marm   -D__KERNEL_32__ -g   -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=700 -ffreestanding -Wall -Werror -W -Wextra -fno-pic -fno-pie -MD -MT elfloader-tool/CMakeFiles/elfloader.dir/src/string.c.obj -MF elfloader-tool/CMakeFiles/elfloader.dir/src/string.c.obj.d -o elfloader-tool/CMakeFiles/elfloader.dir/src/string.c.obj   -c ../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/src/string.c
../tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/src/string.c:97:29: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before 'dest'
 void *memcpy(void *restrict dest, const void *restrict src, size_t n)
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

I used Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64
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