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I have downloaded http-server example for imx6 (I am working on zynqmp), just to use it as a reference to see how  did you implement a synchronization  functions, but I didn’t find these function to be implemented. Is this example not complete?

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To add on, DornerWorks has also created an example http-server application that uses lwIP and the Ethernet drivers to host an http-server on an imx6.


It’s on an older version of seL4 (7.0.0), but you can download it and try it out for yourself.


$ repo init -u https://github.com/dornerworks/dw-camkes-manifests -m http_server.xml

$ repo sync


You’ll need to go to the FileSystem component directory and run the makefs python script.


$ python apps/camkes_http/components/FileSystem/makefs.py

$ make http_server_defconfig

$ make


There is a readme document in the camkes_http application that overviews exactly how the system is setup, and how the Ethdriver and Router components work.


In order to make an echo server, you would just need to create an interface to echo the messages back and forth.


Let me know if you have any other questions,


Chris Guikema

DornerWorks Ltd


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lwip on IMX6 is already available on seL4 (I have been using it in my project).

Look at the seL4/util_libs repository. There you can find the ethernet driver and the lwip.

Make sure to use the latest version (from master) that contains important fixes to the driver.





On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 9:19 PM wong xuguo <xuguo.wong@gmail.com> wrote:


    I am a student fron Nanjing university, a fresh man of microkernel, specially,

know very little about the seL4.

    Recently I accept a chellange about porting the lwip to sel4, on arch of imx6,

does any one could give me a clue?

    I found the source of camkes does have this code, could I do something to port,

to make the lwip work? What my aim is make a tcp echo server.

    Thank you for all of you help.


Best regards

from Xuguo Wang

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