Hi Peng,

Internally we have a working version of the VMM running on the Jetson TK1 board. Presently all of the changes to the arm_hyp kernel branch as well the VMM are undergoing cleanup and review and, unless serious issues are discovered, should appear externally within a week.

We had planned to have this out sooner, but the implementation of support for the System MMU has taken longer than expected.


On Thu 26-May-2016 7:59 AM, PX wrote:
Hi, all
we want to build  the seL4-based VMM from https://github.com/smaccm/sel4arm-vmm.git on Jetson TK1 board. However, the seL4 kernel in that project does not support TK1 board. We want to use the new version seL4 version (arm_hyp) at https://github.com/seL4/seL4.git

My questions are:
1) It is feasible to do that?
2) If so, what are the correct steps to do that?
3) we try to compile these source code, but failed. We do the following modifications: A) we add TK1 source codes (i.e. TK1 folders from https://github.com/seL4/seL4.git)  to the corresponding libraries  in the VMM source code from  https://github.com/smaccm/sel4arm-vmm.git; and B) we add relevant config definitions to the VMM code. Currently, we can successfully compile the seL4 kernel code, but have trouble to compile the VMM libraries. Do we miss something here? 


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