Hi everyone,

I have a couple questions regarding the current CMake build structure for CAmkES projects. It seems that the current structure intends you to put your project in the camkes/apps folder, and then build your project with `../init-build -DCAMKES_APP=<project_name>`, or the equivalent using the griddle script. What I don't understand is how you are supposed to configure your project. It seems easy_settings.cmake is always loaded. Is it advisable to edit this file?

In the past, I could also tweak configuration variables manually by invoking the ccmake gui on the top-level directory. Now that there is no CMakeLists.txt in the top-level directory, this does not work. If I try it in my project's directory, it tells me the cache is empty. Is it still possible to edit CMake cache variables with ccmake?

Grant Jurgensen