Dear all,

I am looking to purchase a board for a project that will use sel4.

I have the following hardware requirements:
- serial port
- ethernet
- potentially usb

Then, I want to run linux on top of sel4 and have also some native components. In the linux partition, I would like to control the usb and potentially the ethernet. In the native components, I am planning to use the serial port (communication with other components).

I thought the beagleboard black would be a good match. Does anyone tried to run linux as a guest os on this platform? If yes, is there any tutorial/example to set it up? Also, any information about how to use the serial ports and other hardware components?

Also, if you have an experience with any other board (x86 or ARM - the platform does not really matter), is it possible to indicate what you would recommend?

Thanks for any help or suggestion,