I think you need to add a line in kernel/src/plat/am335x/machine/hardware.c
for this.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 8:37 AM, Julien Delange <julien.delange@gmail.com> wrote:
I am using the second serial interface of the beaglebone black. According to the source code (in libsel4platsupport/plat_include/am335x/sel4platsupport/plat/hw/soc_AM335x.h), the address is 0x48022000). The following line is found in the source

#define SOC_UART_1_REGS                      (0x48022000)

So, in CAmkES, I configure the hardware component that represents the serial hardware component with the following attributes:

drv.mem_attributes       = "0x48022000:0x1000";

The application compiles fine. However, when launching the image on the target, I have the following issue. Any idea about how to solve this? Does anybody successfully used UART1 on the beaglebone black? Or have any idea/suggestion to investigate?



Creating object conn1_frame__timer_0 in slot 728, from untyped 29b...
 device frame, paddr = 0x48040000, size = 12 bits
Creating object conn2_frame__Cons_PingMe_0 in slot 729, from untyped 29b...
 device frame, paddr = 0x48022000, size = 12 bits

capDL-loader :: << Error: Failed to find device frame at paddr = 0x48022000
Ignoring call to sys_rt_sigprocmask
Ignoring call to sys_gettid
sys_tkill assuming self kill

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